Abuse & Sexual Misconduct Prevention Policy

    The purpose of the Millville PAL youth programs to mentor, teach fundamental skills, sportsmanship and elements of team play in a fun, safe and positive environment. To that end, we have adopted the following policies designed to reduce the likelihood of inappropriate behavior toward our program participants.


    All volunteers & coaches will sign and agree to abide by the tenets set forth in our pledge, specifically in regard to this policy:

    • Timely communication with parents regarding events, practices and games.

    • Refraining from abusive or disrespectful behavior of any kind.

    Limit One on One Contact

    • It is our policy that no activities shall take place involving one on one contact between a single volunteer/coach and a child, if such activities can be practically avoided.

    • Instead, a buddy system is encouraged where two (2) adults should always be present during practices, games, carpooling, and special events.

    Take Home / Pick up

    • Take home/pick-up of athletes by league personnel is strongly discouraged because of the difficulty in limiting one on one contact between adult and child.

    • Parents should provide transportation for their own children to and from scheduled events.

    • The league will clearly outline the expected start and end time for all events and communicate this with all parents.

    • Parents should be instructed to make back-up plans in the event they can’t provide transportation.


    • Touching is acceptable only if it is “respectful and appropriate”.


    • All sleepover activities are prohibited whether parties at parent’s homes, overnight parties, or traveling to away games. As an organization, we do not allow, endorse or approve of team sleepovers. Parents can have a sleepover providing it is outside the auspices of this organization.

    Offsite Practices or Events

    • Coaches are not to hold practices or other activities at a location other than provided and approved practice facilities.