The dangers and risk of athletic participation are many. They include, but are not limited to, serious neck and spinal injuries which could result in permanent disability or even death. They also include possible injury to all aspects of the muscular-skeletal system, which may impair future abilities to earn a living or to participate in social or recreational activities. Sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and wrestling, which are contact collision sports, present potential for serious injury. However, serious injuries and even death have also occurred in non-contact sports such as tennis and cross-country activities. No matter what sport you decide to participate in, there is always a risk of serious injury.

    Due to the inherent risks and dangers involved with participation in athletics, it is imperative that you recognize the importance of following the proper procedures that will help to ensure your safety. Those procedures will constantly be emphasized by our coaching staff. Instructions and warnings will be continually provided regarding playing techniques, proper use of equipment, training methods, team rules and safety in general. For your own protection, please learn to understand and follow all of the rules and regulations pertaining to your safety.

    In consideration of the Millville Police Athletic League permitting your child to participate in our athletic program, we require that every parent/guardian and student athlete sign this notice acknowledging that they have been advised of the dangers and risk associated with athletic participation. You will not be permitted to participate in athletics until this form is signed and returned.